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Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

Columbus Ventures was founded in 2002 to support entrepreneurs with new ideas and approaches for solving complex technology and business problems. We’ve found success by empowering our portfolio companies to focus on the key elements of their success—initial product development and marketing—while avoiding the burden of administration and regulation. We believe that Columbus Ventures fills a void in the venture capital environment by taking an active part in the success of our portfolio companies.

Investment Criteria

Our investment criteria are fairly simple. We invest from $100,000 to more than $250,000—plus our time and expertise—in return for 15% to 30% equity in the form of preferred stock.
The companies we invest in must have:
  • At least two full-time executives who have invested some of their own money into the company.
  • A product or service which can be demonstrated (alpha) and marketed in 6-9 months.
  • A business model that can reasonably demonstrate profitability in 2-4 years.
Columbus Ventures invests in only a few select companies each year. This allows us to devote the time and attention that each company requires. While we invest in many different industry segments, we prefer businesses with tangible products or services that differentiate the company from its competitors and provide an ongoing competitive advantage.

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